CKPP-MR-Moonshiners vs Revenuers Game Introduction

CopperKettle Paintball Productions

Moonshiners VS Revenuers was a scenario game between two factions. One side is the “general hillbilly populace” who just happen to brew moonshine whiskey any chance they got. They were under the command of their “General”, “Pappy”, with executive officers of “Billy Ray, Billy Bob and Bobby Joe”. The other side, the dreaded “city slicker federal revenue agents” which are from the "Federal Paintball Revenue Service" that just love to find and disrupt any moonshine production. They were under the command of, “Captain Boss” and his executive officers “ Lt. Stealus, Lt. Forkitover and Lt.Minenow”. The first presentation was held at N2 Field, which was on the Wilson County Fair Grounds in Lebanon, Tennessee. The game was presented by N2 Paintball Supply. It was a full 1 day game held on Saturday May 16, 2009. Upon the next presentation of this game, it was expanded into a 2 day format and was a Toys For Tots benefit game. Held on the weekend of December 8-9 2012. To see more of the products and collateral props created for this game, click the listings or next at the bottom of the page.

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