Alan Stokes

My mission in life is to provide the use of my creative talents toward the improvement of the business community in which we all live and work.

My objectives toward that mission are to find challenging and meaningful work. To be a positive influence for my clients that choose my style of creativity. I strive to be exceptionally diligent, responsible, loyal, and thorough. I remain adaptable, and continue to have a “Can Do” attitude.

When you weave your way through this site you'll see some of the projects for which I've had a hand in. From kite airfoils, catalog layouts, city seals and logotypes to business collateral packages, ie, business cards, letterheads, and envelopes, to magazine covers, posters, signage (both hand done and computer derived.), shocards, decals, storyboards and screen printing. I have the abilities to handle your promotion needs, from guerrilla marketing to top pro style.

Summary of Qualifications:
I have been in the Graphics industry since 1973. I have had a graphics business of one type or another since 1975. I have been licensed since 2000. The dba name I have used since 1980 is Freelance Connection it has now changed to since April of 2014. When I'm not creating graphics or art of some type I work in the field of printing.

Work History

TFS Graphics, November 2000-August 2014
Nashville, Tennessee Phone (615) 726-1797
Duties: Pressroom, KonicaMinolta Bizhub C6501 and C6500 operator. I operated and maintained the Indigo Turbostream digital press, a series 1 machine through the shared maintenance program, managing all 27+ paper stocks used in its operation. The Bizhub had taken the Indigo's place. In the Bindery/Shipping/Delivery areas, I helped where needed when needed. In the Lamination department I oversaw all operations and the materials used in that department. I managed design, construction and setup of custom displays/banners. I also constructed the specialized shipping containers for all fragile or large scale work. This job was definitely for self starters.

Freelance Connection July 2000-April 2014
Mount Juliet, Tennessee Phone (615) 390-7559
Duties: Owner/Operator of a graphics design firm started in 1980 and licensed in 2000. The firm designs and builds, graphics (all types), advertising pieces, magazines and those advertisements in them, 3D props for scenario gaming. Company is willing to do most anything if it’s challenging.

NEC April 2000- August 2000
Nashville Tennessee Phone (615) 365-2024
Duties: Billing Department, In charge of accruals of 5 publications.

McOuiddy Printing/Digital Spectrum June 1997-April 2000
Nashville Tennessee Phone (615) 361-4011
Duties: Imaging Manager, Digital Pressman operating/maintaining an Indigo Eprint I000+ .

Service Merchandise March 1995-May 1997
Brentwood, Tennessee Phone (615) 660-7188
Duties: Production artist for weekly and annual publications.

Crown Label Inc. January 1995-March 1995
LaVergne, Tennessee Phone (615) 793-9877
Duties: Pre-press Technician. Designed, created logos. Digitized client artwork for the printing of labels. Designed in-house company forms. Maintained workstations and film output devices.

Pro-Lith Service Mid 1993-February 1994
Nashville, Tennessee Phone (615) 254-1300
Duties: Pre-press Technician. Designed and created logos, magazine covers, Ad layouts. Provided computer support for their pre-press operations. Maintained film output devices and a working knowledge of all software used by clients.

Stroud Graphics, Inc. 1990-Mid 1993
Nashville, Tennessee Phone (615) 885-8332
Duties: Designed and created logos, package designs, magazine covers, Ad layouts. Senior Camera and Desk Top Publishing(DTP)/Pre-press Technician. Managed all computer support for the Company’s Customer Service. On site person for repairs, maintenance and problem resolutions for all computer, printing devices and network hubs and routers. During the start up of operations, I specified equipment and supplies used to produce high quality four color separations. Responsible for stock and supplies for the postscript area.

Baird Ward Printing Inc. April 1978-1990
Nashville, Tennessee Phone (615) 385-0460
Duties and Positions held: Pressroom Jogger. PhotoComp as a Layout/Paste Up Composition Technician. Pre-press Department; a Blueline/Dylux Technician, a Plate Maker, Contact Technician, Black and White Stripper and then a Four Color Stripper. In the Camera Department I was a Halftone, 4 and 6 Color Camera operator. When the electronic age of halftoning hit I was the DiNippon Screen vertical camera and flatbed scanner operator. A small Desktop Publishing (DTP) design department was created within the pre-press operations and there I created and designed logos, package designs, and ad layouts. I managed specialized and general maintenance of hardware, software, in the pre-press area and was responsible for inventory control for the DTP, Scanner and Camera Departments.

Carter's Art Shop, April 1975-August1977
Kingsport, Tennessee
Carter's Art Shop was a sign shop serving the Tri-Cities area in east Tennessee.
It was owned by Mr. Venoy "Boob" Carter. That gentleman taught me a lot in the short time I knew him. I considered him a mentor and friend. He passed in 1996.
Duties: Started and served as the shop apprentice. All shop duties were covered, from making sign patterns, hand cut stencils, screen printing processes, darkroom development of negatives and screen print film to sign design. From the ground up, design, installation, maintenance to customer service and pricing.

Certifications/Continuing Education/Professional Development
Certified DS608 Scanner Operator
Certified Halftone Screening Technician
Certified 4/c Stripping Technician
Certified Contact Technician
Certified Contact Proofing
Certified Black and White Stripping Technician
Certified Apple Programmer
Architectural Engineering, 1994 Nashville Technical Institute, Nashville, TN
Scitex Operation, 1992 Stroud Graphics Inc., Scitex America, Chicago, ILL
DS608 Scanner Operations School, 1990 Stroud Graphics Inc., Dinippon Screen America, Chicago, ILL
Apple Macintosh Seminar, 1989 Baird Ward Printing Company Inc., Linotronics/Hell. Nashville, TN
Linotronics Workshop, 1989 Baird Ward Printing Company Inc., Linotronics/Hell, Nashville, TN
Photography Courses, 1986-87 Watkins Institute, Nashville, TN
Accounting Course, 1986 Watkins Institute, Nashville, TN
Black/White Halftone Imaging Course, 1985 Baird Ward Printing Company Inc., Kodak School, Rochester, NY
Stripping/Film Contacting Course, 1984 Baird Ward Printing Company Inc., Kodak School, Rochester, NY
Computer Programming, Apple 1983 Baird Ward Printing Company Inc., Apple Computers, Nashville, TN
Graphic Design/Marketing Course, 1975 Watkins Institute, Nashville, TN

References Upon Request.